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Transmission contains the following:

- All new Carbon Graphitic clutches
- All new custom machined steels
- Improved heavy duty 4-5-6 Overdrive Clutch pack
- Increased overdrive clutch count
- Custom machined Overdrive apply piston
- New Gasket, Seal, & O'ring sealing kit
- New Transmission Filter Kit
- New pump bearing
- New Factory Recalibrated valve body
- New Motorcraft Pump
- Billet SFI Certified Flexplate
- Deep Mag-Hytec Transmission Pan
- New SunCoast Patented Damper
- Sure Cure Valve body calibration kit
- Billet Intermediate Shaft
- Billet Clutch Hub
- 6R140 GUARDIAN Torque Converter

Introducing the 6R140

The new 6R140 from Ford is definitely one of the most exciting drivetrains on the market today. The new 6R140 was released to replaced the previous Torqshift unit, which was the 5R110. The 5R110 was previously used in both the 6.0 and 6.4 Ford diesel engines. When Ford released the 6.7 L Powerstroke powerplant it also released the new much stronger 6R140 Torqshift transmission.

The new Ford 6R140 Torqshift transmission is the most robust transmission Ford has yet to build. This unit was designed and manufactured exclusively by Ford Motor Company. First and foremost, Ford opted to incorporate a robust one-piece bell housing design for the all new 6R140 Torqshift transmission. This new one piece design is not only tough but adds a tremendous amount of rigidity to the case making torsional flex an afterthought. The transmission features a very deep first gear (great for towing and moving mountains)  with double overdrive (excellent for fuel economy). This unit has a total of six forward gears with the ratios as follows: 1st gear 3.974:1, 2nd gear 2.318:1, 3rd gear 1.516:1, 4th gear 1.149:1, 5th gear 0.858:1, 6th gear 0.674:1.

For maximum efficiency, the patented Lepelletier geartrain reduces complexities that exist in connecting an automatic transmission's gear sets and clutches. Simply put, the 6R140 uses a simple gearset to drive a Ravigneaux gearset. So the transmission uses just five clutch sets to achieve six forward gears. The 6R140 is further strengthened  by the utilization of a powder-metal carrier within the compound Ravigneaux planetary gearset (a double planetary gearset). The carrier is made up of four pressed components, which are sinter-brazed together to form a rigid, dense structure.

The new torque converter in the 6R140 features an exclusive long travel, ultra high capacity turbine damper designed to soften the extreme force produced by the new 6.7 L PowerStroke. Here at SunCoast we have already improved upon this converter, launching our own line of Torque converters including a variety of stall speeds.

The Engineering

When SunCoast first took a look at the 6R140 Torqshift transmission we instantly saw the similarities between the the Ford 6R80 and GM 6L80/6L90 platforms. We new from previous experience the 4-5-6 clutch pack would be the first area that needs to be addressed. The 4-5-6 clutch pack is also known as the "E CLUTCH" and is one of the smallest clutches in the transmission. As we tested our different friction materials and manufactures we saw a pattern develop. The higher the friction coefficient the more violent the shifts become, especially when adding additional torque is in the equation. Often times this creates the 3-4 "squawk" when shifting into 4th gear. 

It became very apparent that if we were going to deliver a superior fiction material to our customer, this issue would need to be addressed. We have seen our competitors simply settle for a clutch that has less friction coefficient allowing slip to occur during the shift. while settling on an inferior friction material may be acceptable to some, Ron and the SunCoast development team took a different approach. We decided to take a more scientific approach, and yet another Patent hangs on the wall. . .

The Patent and theDamper

The 6R140 E clutch hub is designed without any damper. This makes perfect sense due to the fact that Ford designed the 6R140 Torqshift transmission with the thought process that there would be torque management. With torque management in place we are defueling during shifts essentially pulling the power between shifts. Ford has also designed this with a certain torque limit in mind that most certainly did not have deletes, larger chargers, and aftermarket tuners involved. Couple this along with the removal of torque management and you have created a situation where failure is imminent.

SunCoast has designed a completely new 4-5-6 clutch hub that incorporates a damper assembly that also uses a Sound Reduction/Absorption Technology that eliminates the dreaded squawk and restores shift quality. This new clutch hub damper allows for clean, crisp, and silent gear exchange. This allows us to use much more sophisticated friction materials with higher friction coefficients ensuring longevity and reliability. This new Patented SunCoast E Clutch Hub Damper has seen over 1,000HP reliably. It is only available at SunCoast.

SunCoast has also developed a new 4-5-6 "E" clutch power pack using nine of our custom frictions. This new proprietary SunCoast clutch pack is exclusively designed for our patented clutch hub. This custom SunCoast set-up provides a very clean and crisp shift. The extra capacity in the clutch pack along with the higher friction coefficient provides unmatched performance that cannot be matched by anything else on the planet.

The Pump Bushing

The factory pump on the 6R140 often suffers a loss of lubrication pressure at the converter hub support pump bearing due to failure of the bearing seal. When the bearing itself fails catastrophic failure can and will occur. This new bearing restores normal operation and integrity back to the pump.

The Intermediate Shaft

With vehicles with upgraded performance modifications, larger wheels and tires, or heavy towing it is not uncommon to see the intermediate shaft fail. Now that the overdrive clutches no longer slip during apply the intermediate shaft is exposed to a greater amount of torsional fatigue. This fatigue from any one of these circumstances can and will cause shaft failure. Suncoast offers a new billet shaft made from maraging steel (also known as Vascomax).

The Billet Flexplate

SunCoast custom one-piece flex plate is not only stronger but more durable than any other flex plate out there today. SunCoast proprietary manufacturing process utilizing our state-of-the-art machining and hardening techniques ensures unmatched strength and concentricity.

The Deep Pan

The Mag-Hytec 6R140 Transmission Pan for your 2011-2015 Ford Super Duty 6.7L Powerstroke provides increased fluid and cooling capacity for the automatic transmission in your truck. Built from heavy-duty cast A356-T6 aluminum and powder coated with machined cooling fins, these pans will look great and perform for the lifetime of your truck. This transmission pan is a bolt-on replacement and will hold 5.5 quarts of fluid over stock with an overall height of 4-1/4". Filter not included.

SunCoast custom one-piece flex plate is not only stronger but more durable than any other flex plate out there today. SunCoast proprietary manufacturing process utilizing our state-of-the-art machining and hardening techniques ensures unmatched strength and concentricity.

The Quadralock Captured Clutch Converter

Ford, when designing the 6R140, also added Sinter-brazed gear carriers and a dual media filter that can extend service intervals up to 150,000 miles.

The 6R140 Transmission also has an integrated live PTO with a higher torque capacity than its Allison counterpart, while coming in at a stealthy 25lbs lighter, as well.

Captive clutch failure in the Ford 6R140 is a chronic problem that is difficult to address with stock components or traditional methods. 

Unlike most lockup converters, the 6R140 clutch does not engage the front cover — it moves away from the engine block and engages a stamped, steel backing plate, which is relatively thin and prone to flex. SunCoast addresses these issues by using a custom rigid backing plate that reduces deflection, improving apply conformity. This process provides a more durable reaction surface than OE, improving longevity and reliability for years to come.

Another weak point is the OE clutch, which is held together by a set of small, weak leaf springs. These springs are often broken or on the verge of breaking, causing the OE steel clutch plates to break loose and gouge the cover splines. Clutch failure occurs when damage and debris become severe, a particularly frequent issue in heavy-duty trucks that put massive stress on converter components. SunCoast improves the factory spring system on this 6R140 torque converter with a much more robust system, while also utilizing our ZERO-DRAG technology.

Revolutionizing this industry isn't easy. SunCoast has done it yet again with our new captured clutch 6R140 Billet Quadralock Torque Converter. This revolutionary new converter design is changing the way we look at converter lock-up strategies forever. The captured clutch design converter operates much differently than other conventional torque converters. The captured clutch design eliminates the need to exhaust fluid from the backside of the apply piston. This design allows for much quicker apply rates than what conventionally occurs.

With the multitude of SunCoast custom stator options we can build the perfect converter to address whatever needs you may have. Whether you are looking for an improved stock replacement, or full blown sled pulling rig, we have the ability to build it to your specific needs.

Converter Features & Benefits

  • Furnaced brazed fins
  • ADCCT Anti Drag Captured Clutch Technology
  • Utilizes factory lock-up clutch damper 
  • 4140 HTSR billet steel clutch retain ring
  • CNC machined billet forged one piece cover
  • Torrington Thrust bearing design
  • Increased clutch count
  • Quadralock captured clutch technology
  • Larger apply piston
  • Over 1,000 PSI of additional clamping force
  • Upgraded custom sprag
  • Billet stator for improved efficiency
  • Multiple stall speeds available



Shipping Information

  • Item Requires Shipping
  • 408.0 lbs.
  • W36.0000” x H48.0000” x L36.0000”

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