About us

SunCoast Performance was established in 1989 initially as a two-man operation in beautiful Fort Walton Beach, FL. SunCoast was started with a yearning to answer the demand for high-quality aftermarket torque converters, transmission assemblies, and parts. Since that time, SunCoast has identified, tested, and corrected numerous failure points within the realm of OEM transmissions and torque converters. SunCoast uses its extensive test data in real-world scenarios, along with the latest technology in design methods to help formulate solutions to correct these failures. These processes have propelled SunCoast to the forefront of its competitors in not only quality of craftsmanship, but also extending well past the winners’ podium for its customers and sponsored vehicles. The SunCoast research and development team, in conjunction with years of experience in the transmission and torque converter industry, is unparalleled in the automotive community today. 

American made with unmatched pride in design, manufacturing, technical support, and customer satisfaction has always been the primary goal of SunCoast Performance. The company bi-annually holds a research laboratory to help educate its customers and suppliers as to the changes technology is bringing to the industry today and in the future.

Today, at the pinnacle of automotive performance in design, engineering, and manufacturing, SunCoast has grown to over 45 employees and more than 75,000 climate-controlled square feet. These facilities are used for not only manufacturing, but SunCoast also leases out 20,000 square feet to their in-house metal supplier National Aluminum & Alloy. Carrying upwards of $2,000,000 worth of readily available raw materials, National Aluminum allows SunCoast to maintain complete manufacturing control of their products from inception to completion.