10L1000 Category 2 Transmission with Expanded E & F Capacity & Deep Pan

10L1000 Category 2 Transmission with Expanded E & F Capacity with Expanded Capacity E Drum, Billet Apply Piston, Raybestos Clutches and Steels
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The 10L1000 Category 2 Transmission

Enter the awe-inspiring Allison 10L1000, a marvel of engineering born from a groundbreaking collaboration between Allison and Ford. This transmission redefines the very essence of its predecessor, the Allison 1000, boasting a design so revolutionary that it transcends its lineage. It's not just a transmission; it's a symphony of power and precision.

Introducing the Suncoast 10L1000 category 2 transmission, engineered to be a reliable upgrade over factory options, especially for heavy-duty work environments. We've focused on addressing common issues encountered in demanding scenarios to ensure durability and performance when it matters most.

With the Suncoast 10L1000 upgraded transmission assembly, you can expect improvements in areas like durability, torque handling, and overall reliability. Whether you're hauling heavy loads, towing, or navigating rough terrain, this transmission is built to handle the rigors of tough jobs without skipping a beat.

Our design enhancements mean fewer breakdowns and less downtime, translating to increased productivity and lower maintenance costs for your vehicle. Plus, the Suncoast 10L1000 is designed for easy installation, minimizing hassle and maximizing uptime.

Upgrade to the Suncoast 10L1000 transmission and experience peace of mind knowing your vehicle is equipped to handle the toughest challenges your work environment throws its way. It's a practical solution that delivers real-world benefits for your business or personal use.

The Rebuilding Process

Experience the Suncoast 10L1000 transmission rebuild process—a blend of precision and practicality that elevates reliability to new heights. We start by disassembling the transmission, removing all worn "soft parts" to make room for a fresh start.

Our specialized hot wash tank, heated to 198 degrees, becomes the gateway to cleanliness as casing and housings undergo thorough cleansing. This step ensures a pristine foundation for the transmission's revival.

As the components emerge, they face scrutiny from our skilled technicians. Hard parts undergo meticulous inspection, with any signs of wear or damage identified and addressed. Only those fit for duty proceed to the next phase.

The casing receives special attention, with every nook and cranny inspected for flaws or fractures. This critical step ensures structural integrity, safeguarding against future issues.

What emerges from this process is not just a transmission, but a testament to reliability and performance. With the Suncoast 10L1000, you're not just getting a product—you're investing in peace of mind and dependability for the road ahead.

Transmission Includes:

  • Raybestos Powertrain GPZ Frictions
  • Raybestos Powertrain Steels
  • 10L1000 Transmission Overhaul Kit
  • Pan Filter
  • 10L1000 Deep Cast Aluminum Pan (4 quarts over stock)
  • New OEM CDF drum assembly
  • Testing and recalibration of valve body assembly

The Expanded Capacity E Drum

  • 29% more clutch capacity than OEM
  • Billet apply piston diameter enlarged to avoid “clutch cone” by contacting more surface area of top steel 
  • Billet 6061 apply piston ensures minimal deflection
  • Patent-pending design made in-house in Florida
  • 15% more capacity than any other aftermarket drum
  • Steels engage on 4140 steel dowels, instead of the problematic cast aluminum drum assembly

SunCoast's Category 2 transmission also comes with our 10L1000 High capacity "E" clutch drum with billet apply piston. This new High Capacity 10L1000 clutch drum arrives fully assembled for effortless installation. Our high-capacity 10L1000 "E" clutch drum addresses all of the facets affecting the durability of these clutches in highly demanding driving situations. 

To improve clutch life we first started by simply increasing the clutch count. This new 10L1000 clutch drum boasts an astounding 29% increase in clutch capacity compared to the factory drum, surpassing any other aftermarket option on the market today by an additional 15%.

Another key point we address here is the deflection in the E-clutch. This is especially exacerbated when operating under higher line pressures, often experienced during heavy-duty or higher-load situations.

The new SunCoast 10L1000 “patent-pending” E-piston is engineered to eliminate any possibility of apply-deflection or coning. By using superior materials and increasing the apply piston diameter, we have significantly expanded the contact surface area. Crafted from billet T6061 aluminum bar stock and meticulously CNC machined in-house to exact tolerances, this new “E” Drum Apply Piston for the 10L1000 embodies SunCoast's excellence in design.

Moreover, we've tackled the issue of rapid drum degradation caused by steel tooth chatter/engagement. SunCoast's solution involves the designing of specialty 4140 steel dowels for the steels to engage with, replacing the highly malleable factory-cast aluminum. This design allows us to ensure reliability while keeping reciprocating mass at a minimum.

The friction material was also addressed as we have changed from the factory friction material which is engineered and designed to provide maximum "NVH" for comfort. This new 10L1000 drum is equipped with Raybestos GPZ clutches.

The "F" Clutch

This clutch is also prone to premature wear as we have seen with other Lepelletier Ravigneaux Gear sets...oncoming clutches in higher gears seems to take the blunt of the beating. With the new 10L1000 transmission, the "F" clutch is no exception.

The "F" clutch is engaged in R,4,5,6,7,8 and 9th. The quickest path to early or premature degradation to this clutch pack is wide open throttle or heavy-load-indexed 3rd to 4th shifts. This is especially prominent in applications where torque management has been deleted.

Suncoast has corrected this issue by adding 25% more capacity to this clutch pack by taking it from 4 clutches to 5 in this particular clutch pack.

The "D" Clutch

It is not uncommon to see rapid degradation along with premature failure with this clutch pack in even stock form. 

The "D" clutch is engaged in P, R,1,2,3,4,6,7,8,10. Where the problem lies is in its oncoming clutch responsibilities when engaged in 6th gear as the oncoming clutch. With this responsibility in higher horsepower or more demanding driving situations it becomes very obvious uptown teardown this clutch has seen its share of abuse.

Suncoast provides GPZ friction material, providing higher friction coefficients, increasing torque capacity well beyond the factory limits. This along with our higher apply pressure with our high volume 10R140 transmission pump creates the perfect environment for more reliable shits. The new Suncoast 10L1000 transmission clutch module requires absolutely no machining or modifications to your current unit...we supply everything needed.

Raybestos Frictions & Steels

Raybestos Powertrain GPZ friction clutch plates greatly increase transmission performance and durability. This state-of-the-art friction material far exceeds OE material to withstand high stress, high temperatures, and repeated cycling. GPZ's outstanding performance benefits are perfect for heavy-duty vehicles and high-stress driving. Testing of GPZ revolutionary friction material shows that it outperforms OE materials by as much as 20%.

Raybestos Powertrain steel clutch plates are high-quality, application-engineered products at a price you can afford. Manufactured with attention to critical tolerances and quality control, our steel plates meet or exceed OE specifications and have a superior surface finish that supplies a greater apply area and friction clutch life. Raybestos steel plates give better shift performance and clutch durability, lowering noise and shudder, and extending the life of your transmission.

Features & Benefits

  • Better shift performance and clutch durability
  • Enhanced shift feel
  • Withstands high horsepower
  • Greater torque capacity
  • Maintains piston travel
  • Optimum performance
  • Higher heat resistance
  • Made In USA
  • OE thickness for maximum heat sink
  • Superior surface finish for greater apply area and friction clutch life
  • Meets or exceeds OE specifications for flatness and parallelism
  • Flawless fit without binding

The Deep Pan

Number of Bolts: 16 bolts (18 holes, 16 bolt holes and 2 holes to locate gasket)

Volume: 4 quarts over stock

Dimensions: at deepest area, PML pan is 7 inches, stock pan is 4.3 inches

This new deep pan designed and manufactured this 10L1000 Allison transmission pan for 2020 and newer Duramax trucks. The design focuses on maintaining the general shape of the OEM pan while adding extra capacity and a finned bottom for heat dissipation.

Benefits of Deep Pan Design

  • Extra capacity
  • Finned to increase surface area for heat dissipation
  • Drain and magnetic drain plug
  • Thick walls and gasket flange
  • Heavy duty construction
  • Shape similar to OEM pan to replicate fluid flow and dynamics of OEM pan
  • Deep sump middle design avoids clearance issues with any cross frame members or exhaust packages




Shipping Information

  • Item Requires Shipping
  • 350.0 lbs.
  • W48.0000” x H40.0000” x L32.0000”

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