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10L90 XPL PRO-LOC BILLET TORQUE CONVERTER This new 10-Speed Bolt-Together Torque Converter is manufactured from a solid piece of 7075 T6 billet aluminum plate versus round bar like so many other manufacturers. We take this extra step in manufacturing from solid billet plates due to the superior heat-treating characteristics. When using round bar, we see the tempering is not as solid in the center as with the solid plate. Using this type of material increases manufacturing cost initially, as well as machine operation time, however is a necessary step when considering the high inertia and its effects on ballooning the converter. Learn More
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4l80E Billet Overdrive Planet
4l80E Billet Overdrive Planet It is not uncommon to see the splines stripped out of the overdrive planet on 4L80E's. The becomes a more prominent in higher horsepower applications or vehicles with larger wheel's and tires. This new billet 4L80E overdrive planet eliminates this by manufacturing the turbine splines from 4140 heat treated stress relieved steel. Learn More

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