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Kit Includes the Following

  • New Sonnax Smart Tech Overdrive Drum Assembly
  • New 68RFE Thrust Washer Kit
  • New 68RFE Thrust Bearing Kit
  • 68RFE Complete Gasket and Sealing Kit
  • 68RFE Spin-on Filter
  • 68RFE Pan Filter
  • 68RFE Thrust Bearing Kit
  • Upgraded 2C Clutch Set
  • 68RFE Billet 2C Piston
  • 68RFE Accumulator Plate Kit
  • 4C Snap Ring Retainer
  • Transgo 200 PSI Valve Body Kit (2007-2018 ONLY)
  • Accumulator Piston Kit
  • Zero Cavitation Filter Kit w/ Stock Pan

The 68RFE

The 68RFE transmission is the big brother to the 45/545RFE transmission. The RFE platform was originally designed by Chrysler and was introduced in 1999 with the debut of the new Jeep Grand Cherokee. The "RFE" stands for Rear-wheel drive Fully Electronic control. The RFE design was mostly noted in the new design to have 3 planetary sets for a 4-speed transmission in the 45RFE.

In 2007, Chrysler debuted the new 6.7 Powerplant in the all new Dodge Ram, and Dodge wanted a transmission that was specifically designed for function. The previous platform utilized the Torqueflite 48RE platform. The 46/47/48 Chrysler platforms were 3 and 4-speed units that were mechanically and hydraulically controlled, with the most notable control system being governor pressure.

The first improvement Chrysler wanted to make over the Torqueflite platform was, obviously, the amount of forward gears. For the 68RFE transmission, Chrysler opted to change to a six-speed unit. The additional gears allowed Chrysler to add higher 1st-gear ratios and tighter shift recovery from one gear to the next. The tighter shift recovery essentially keeps the vehicle in higher averaged horsepower and torque numbers, while also adding torque multiplication.

The gear ratios were increased. as well. The new 68RFE boasts a whopping 3.23:1 first gear, compared to the 2.45:1 first gear found in the previous 47/48RE platform. Chrysler also increased second gear to a 1.83:1 versus the 1.45:1 found previously. The 68RFE was also given two overdrive gears, with 5th being .81:1 and 6th with the very deep .62:1. The predecessor had a single overdrive that was a .69:1.

The Category Kits

The SunCoast Category 68RFE transmission rebuild kits are designed and developed with intentions of taking a systematic approach to solving the issues with the 68RFE transmission. We approach each deficiency and need with careful consideration.

These kits offer you the same recipes that are used in our facility when we build these units. We aim to offer you the most complete series of 68RFE rebuild kits available on the market today with proven combinations for a successful build.

The Smart Tech Drum

The factory overdrive clutches are at a high risk of failure when towing or installing aftermarket programmers, delete kits, or larger turbos. This is in large part to the fragile and thin (.034) single-sided clutches. When exposed to increased torque or higher temperatures, they will distort, causing additional clearance and uneven apply. This will always result in burnt clutches. These clutches in the overdrive housing are, by far, the weakest link in the 68RFE transmission design.

The Sonnax Smart Tech 68RFE overdrive drum addresses these issues. The new billet clutch housing holds a physically taller clutch pack, allowing the overdrive apply clutch area to increase 16%. In addition to the increased apply surface area, the thicker clutches and steels increase clutch steel mass by 28%, drastically improving the heat dissipation.

The new 68RFE overdrive clutch drum also comes with a top bolt-on plate to help eliminate clutch pack flexing and distortion that contribute to premature failure.

The 2C Piston

The factory molded piston is prone to uneven apply which leads to excessive heat in the clutches and steels creating premature failure. In this 68RFE transmission rebuild kit we replace the factory piston with a much improved billet piece that also allows for one additional clutch further increasing surface apply area. This new billet apply pistons corrects these issues and adds matched performance

Zero Cavitation Filter Kit

The factory 68rfe has had many issues with pressure relief check valve system on the transmission pan filters. Initially Chrysler had issues with the plastic filter splitting in half. This was later remedied by adding a pressure relief valve on top of the filter. This later showed to be an issue as the valve would release itself from the filter all together.

This new bottom feeder filter kit allows the usage of a torqueflite filter. This filter conversion will not only prevent pump cavitation but will allow higher volume of fluid to be passed through the system. This will also improve fluid flow in high line pressure situations.

The system requires either a deep aluminum Mag-Hytec that we modify or a specific OE pan. This kit comes with a specific OE pan.

The High Pressure Tuneless Reprogramming Kit

TransGo High Pressure Tuneless™ Reprogramming Kits fit 1999 to 2018 Chrysler, Dodge, RAM, and Jeep vehicles equipped with 45RFE, 545RFE, 65RFE, 66RFE and 68RFE automatic transmissions equipped with gas or diesel engines. This kit provides increased transmission durability for engines with increased horsepower and torque output when aftermarket engine tuners and other modifications are installed.

Until now, when someone increased the power output of the engine, the only way to significantly increase the transmission operating pressure required reprogramming the computer. As a result, computer programming often leads to harsh or binding shifts, erratic operation and at times catastrophic internal hard parts failure.

Increasing main line pressure the conventional way with a pressure regulator spring could not be done because the computer monitoring system would recognize the higher than expected pressure and immediately set a code as well as putting the transmission into limp-in mode.

TransGo Tuneless technology provides a re-calibrated pressure curve that mirrors the throttle position and torque demand. Consequently, this elevated pressure curve delivers increased clutch and TCC holding capacity along with shorter cleaner shifts at all throttle openings. The patent-pending internally balanced calibrations provides a progressive clutch apply pressure that increases line pressure across the entire throttle span. As a result, max line pressure is now 210 psi which is a 30% increase over the OEM 160 psi max line! The Kit also addresses the converter clutch apply circuit with a built-in bypass to prevent converter ballooning that comes with elevated line pressure.

Features and Benefits:

  • New pressure regulator spring and matching triple valve body separator plate that adds 30% more line pressure across the entire throttle curve to all of the clutch elements, therefore eliminating the need for computer programming
  • New drop-in torque converter limit valve system for both early and late pumps, saving the cost of a new pump
  • Converter clutch apply pressure bypass to prevent the torque converter from ballooning
  • Replacement self-cleaning low/reverse switch valve as well as the end plug
  • Optional TCC control valve for use with triple discs converters for a smoother TCC apply


  • Burnt OD frictions due to increased engine horsepower
  • Rough lock-up
  • TCC slide bang
  • TCC slip codes
  • Drain-back
  • Limp-in mode
  • Low line pressure and code P0868


  • Patent pending triple valve body separator plate
  • Valve body gaskets
  • PR valve spring
  • New drop-in torque converter limit valve system
  • Drill jig, drill bit and deburring tool
  • Heavy duty accumulator plate/cover
  • Recalibrated OD accumulator springs and shim
  • Replacement self-cleaning low/reverse switch valve as well as the end plug
  • TransGo engineered accumulator seals
  • TCC recalibration accumulator springs and retainer
  • Heavy duty snap ring for input drum
  • Optional TCC control valve for use with triple discs converter

The Piston Replacement

Accumulator piston scuffing and bore wear are common issues in Chrysler 45RFE, 545RFE, 65RFE, 66RFE and 68RFE valve bodies, especially when running increased pressures. The OE accumulator pistons have two seal rings. The seal groove at the open end of the piston is a larger diameter, with the seal ring acting as a guide to prevent piston-to-bore contact. The seal groove at the closed end of the piston is a smaller diameter and the seal ring acts as a conventional seal. However, due to the smaller seal groove diameter, the piston will contact the bore when side-loaded resulting in scuffing, wear and leakage of clutch apply pressure.

Sonnax accumulator piston kit 44894-01K features two guide seal rings, one at each end of the piston to prevent piston-to-bore scuffing when side loaded. Additionally, the oil sealing ring location is relocated on the piston allowing it to run in an un-worn portion of the bore enabling bores with moderate scuffing to be salvaged. Manufactured from 6061 billet aluminum, these pistons will upgrade late model applications with plastic pistons to prevent transmission failure due to piston breakage.

  • Dual-guide seals prevent piston-to-bore scuffing
  • Updated seal location allows use in scuffed bores
  • Prevents transmission failure from broken plastic pistons



Shipping Information

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  • 28.0 lbs.
  • W19.5000” x H16.0000” x L13.0000”

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