SunCoast GUARDIAN 5R110 Rebuild Kit with Guardian Torque Converter

5R110 Guardian Rebuild Kit with Guardian Torque Converter
Pricing: $3,795.00

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Refundable Converter & Center Support Core Charge: $600.00



Kit includes the following:

  • SunCoast Low/Reverse Clutch Pack with 5 Clutches & 5 Kolene Steels
  • SunCoast Overdrive Clutch Pack with 5 Clutches & 5 Kolene Steels
  • SunCoast Overdrive Piston
  • SunCoast Overdrive Pressure Plate
  • SunCoast Intermediate Clutch Pack with 5 Clutches & 5 Kolene Steels
  • SunCoast Intermediate Pressure Plate
  • SunCoast Forward Clutch Pack with 5 Frictions & 5 Steels
  • SunCoast Forward Pressure Plate
  • SunCoast Wide Load Direct Clutch Pack with 5 Frictions & 5 Steels
  • SunCoast Direct Pressure Plate
  • SunCoast Direct Piston
  • SunCoast Direct Snap Ring
  • SunCoast No Walk Center Support
  • SunCoast Overhaul Kit
  • SunCoast Valve Body Calibration Kit
  • SunCoast 5R110 Guardian Torque Converter

Tales from the 5R110

The Torqshift 5-speed 5R110 transmission replaces the old faithful 4-speed 4R100 in the 2003 model year with the introduction of the new 6.0L diesel engine. The Torqshift design, in fact, has a total of six forward gears ratios, however only 5 are advertised. The "hidden gear" is only used in very cold weather. The 5 forward ratios are: 3.11, 2.22, 1.55, 1.00, and finally overdrive is .71. The Torqshift also utilizes an optional 4th gear, which is 1.10, that is used in cold start conditions to aid in engine and transmission warm up.

With the Torqshift, once the Tow / Haul mode is activated, it can help increase driver control when towing large loads up and down steep grades. It will also minimize shifts and maximize the available torque. Upon descent, the tow/haul feature utilizes engine braking to help extend the life of the transmission and improves driver control.

The Torqshift was also Ford's first attempt at adaptive control. The adaptive control shift function monitors the performance over its lifetime and adjusts shift times in real time to assure consistency and to compensate for wear. The Torqshift was also used with the 6.4L as well. This transmission was later replaced with the much larger and more robust 6R140 when the 6.7L Powerstroke was released by Ford.

Walking Away from the Center Support. . . 

The center support on a transmission is a critical component that could make the difference between success or failure. The center support acts as a stabilizer, just as our lower back and abdominal muscles support us. With the Torqshift being such a long unit, over time the torsional flexing distorts the case, and the center support can sag and become displaced. The Torqshift relies on the center support to also apply fluid feed to the direct and forward clutches. When this distortion occurs, the fluid feed holes for direct and forward can become misaligned. This is especially true when towing heavy loads or under moderate to hard acceleration. This will also lead to premature failure and burnt clutches.

SunCoast has developed a new "No Walk" center support to correct this issue, which we include in this kit. We also go a step further with this and make a new Mag-Hytec pan standard to increase the rigidity of the case and reduce torsional flexing.

With this now being corrected the need for the direct solid modification is no longer needed. We originally created this modification before learning about the torsional effect.

The 'Wide Load" Direct Clutch

The direct clutch pack has been a problem child for some time now. With the center support now being corrected, we move your attention to the most problematic area of the 5R110, the direct clutch. In the 5R110 the direct clutch pack has been the topic of so many discussions. In the beginning we modified the direct clutch solenoid. We did this as a result of the fluid flow issues we were seeing, trying to compensate for what we would later find out was the center support walking. Today many companies still sell these altered solenoids to try to correct a direct clutch issue. We have alleviated this with our new no walk center support.

Moving forward the direct clutch pack is still one of the most abused clutch packs within the transmission. The direct clutch pack is constantly subjected to conditions that can prematurely wear. To alleviate this SunCoast has developed our new "wide load" direct clutch pack. These new clutches are not only made from our SunCoast SCZ carbon graphitic material but a larger wider clutch as well.

Making the clutch wider effectively increases the mean radius of a clutch, increasing the mean radius increases the torque capacity of said clutch. What this menaces the larger the mean effective radius, the more torque load capacity the friction plate can handle.

This new wider clutch is also combined with the new wider steel and new wider apply plate. This combination along with the new and improved "No Walk" center support make this the most loudly engineered kit on the market today.

The Guardian Torque Converter

  • Billet Forged CNC'd Apply Piston
  • Zero-Deflection @400 PSI
  • Custom High-strength Damper Riveting System, Eliminating Deflection
  • Modified Oil Flow Improves Lubrication and Cooling of Clutches
  • Redesigned Damper Assembly and Piston Capable of 1300 ft-lbs of torque
  • New Custom Carbon Graphite Clutch Paper for Improved Performance
  • Upgraded Turbine Splines
  • Billet Converter Hub
  • Custom Turbine and Pump Fin Articulation
  • Precision Balanced Within .001 Gram
  • Manufactured and Assembled Here in Fort Walton Beach, Florida

The Ford 5R110 transmission was introduced in 2003 with the new 6.0 Powerstroke drivetrain. These engines, when modified, can easily exceed the capacity of the factory torque converter clutch. This will lead to excessive turbine slip and decreased performance. This can and will lead to premature failure.

The SunCoast Guardian 5R110 Triple-Disc Billet Torque Converters are designed to withstand up to 1300 ft-lbs of torque. This 5R110 torque converter also features a redesigned piston and damper assembly, which eliminates deflection that so often occurs when being applied, and can withstand up to 400 psi.

This 5R110 torque converter also features hardened turbine splines and improved thermal friction paper. This not only increases reliability, but also improves its thermal efficiency.

This torque converter comes with a stock stall speed, which will ensure refined stock-like characteristics while driving with any load. Stator can be upgraded to billet to change stall speed if desired.



Shipping Information

  • Item Requires Shipping
  • 87.0 lbs.
  • W25.0000” x H25.0000” x L20.0000”

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