Allison 1000 Clutch and steel redesign

Going against the grain for the sake of innovation has never been a problem for Suncoast. At the same time, great products aren’t created overnight and require an abundant amount of research and development, testing,  and unbiased outside professionals involved who want to help make an impact. Originally when we decided to go away from the OEM Allison 1000 C3/C4 design, there was resistance and hesitation from builders and enthusiasts in the industry.

Over time the SunCoast Allison 1000 Gmax kits have proven themselves time and time again, helping enthusiasts and business owners all over the world accomplish their goals and protect their investments. Our innovations come to life with the end use in mind. We don’t cut corners for the sake of price point. We want our customers to know that when something has our name on it, it is a product of substance. It is a product that was designed to the highest possible standards. SunCoast is known as an innovator and bares heavy expectations, expectations that we not only aim to meet but exceed to the highest standard.