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SunCoast 68RFE Deep Aluminum Pan

SunCoast 68RFE Deep Aluminum Pan
Pricing: $295.00

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Improving automatic transmission cooling is a nuanced yet vital aspect of vehicle maintenance often overlooked. Let's delve into why upgrading to aftermarket transmission pans, such as the Suncoast 68RFE deep cast aluminum pan, is not only practical but also crucial for optimizing engine performance and longevity.

  1. Enhanced Fluid Capacity: Aftermarket transmission pans typically offer increased fluid volume compared to stock pans. This surplus fluid serves as a reservoir, effectively suspending and trapping more damaging metal particles. As a result, it provides superior wear protection and extends the service intervals, reducing the frequency of transmission fluid changes and associated maintenance costs.

  2. Temperature Regulation: The additional fluid volume in aftermarket pans contributes to more efficient heat dissipation. By taking longer to heat up, the transmission operates at lower temperatures, mitigating the detrimental effects of heat on fluid properties, seals, and valve-body components. Even a modest temperature decrease of 10 degrees can significantly prolong the lifespan of transmission components.

  3. Durability and Performance: Cast aluminum pans, like the Suncoast 68RFE deep pan, boast superior durability compared to stock counterparts made of stamped steel or plastic. This robust construction ensures resilience against road debris and off-road hazards, reducing the risk of damage and potential fluid leaks. Furthermore, the finned design of these pans maximizes surface area, facilitating optimal heat dissipation and maintaining transmission performance even under demanding conditions.

  4. Efficient Fluid Management: This new 68RFE deep pan features an improved drainage system, simplifying fluid changes and minimizing the risk of fluid contamination. Integrated drain plugs with magnets effectively capture ferrous metal particles, ensuring cleaner fluid circulation and prolonging the life of internal transmission components. This meticulous fluid management enhances overall transmission reliability and reduces the likelihood of costly repairs.

  5. Optimized Compatibility: The Suncoast 68RFE deep pans, are designed for seamless integration with transmission upgrades. For instance, compatibility with the "Zero Cavitation" filter conversion ensures optimal fluid flow and prevents pump cavitation, enhancing transmission efficiency and longevity.

  6. Gasket Material: The gasket material included with the Suncoast 68RFE deep aluminum pan sets a new standard for convenience and reliability. Manufactured by Lube Locker, these gaskets feature a steel core coated with rubber and Lube Locker's signature full perimeter elastomer beading on both sides. This design ensures superior torque retention and prevents splitting or extrusion during installation. What sets these gaskets apart is their hassle-free installation. Unlike messy silicone sealants, Lube Locker gaskets require no setup time or sealant application. Simply place the dry gasket in position, torque it down, and you're done.

In essence, investing in a Suncoast deep 68RFE transmission pan represents a comprehensive approach to vehicle maintenance, addressing critical factors such as fluid capacity, temperature regulation, durability, and performance optimization. By prioritizing transmission cooling, vehicle owners like yourself can safeguard their engines against premature wear and ensure smooth, reliable operation for years to come. 



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  • 16.0 lbs.
  • W14.0000” x H5.5000” x L17.5000”

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